What is this thing?

AG-Insights is our data visualization solution for the MultiGrow and Aphaea controllers. Through the dashboards you can see your crop environment at a glance. Depending on what you're measuring, this can include water usage, run-off, nutrients, weather, humidity or any other variables. You can drill down into the detail or zoom out to get an overview.  See https://autogrow.com/ag-insights/ for more information.

How does this differ from My.Autogrow?

My.Autogrow allows you to access your Multigrow or Aphaea remotely as well as setup SMS or email alerts.  A subscription to MyAutogrow will include AG-Insights access.

I want it, how do I get it?

If you didn't already receive a temporary password via email, then contact our team at sales@autogrow.com to sign up.

I received the temporary password email but it's been longer than 7 days and now I can't get in.

Email our support team at help@autogrow.com and we'll be able to send you another one.

I'm getting this strange login error, how do I get past it?

Some people may occasionally experience errors which look like the following:

This error is caused by the browser adding some junk to the end of URL in the address bar.  To remedy this you can simply go to https://ag-insights.autogrow.com.

If you see any of the following errors, you will need to get in touch with to remedy the error:

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