Adding new staff

Adding new staff to your My Autogrow system can be done by staff who are managers:

Clicking the yellow Add Staff button on your customer dashboard will show a window where you can enter the details:

Here you can set the new staff members details including the initial password and if they should be a manager:

Once you click save the new staff member will be able to login using the email address you provided and the initial password.  It is recommended that they reset their password as soon as they log in.

Managers can also reset their staff members passwords by clicking the yellow padlock icon beside the user names - these button expand to show textual labels:

Controlling User Device Access

Managers are able to access any device attached to their account.  Users who are not managers can be assigned by manager users to only have remote access to specific devices.  Users who do not have access will only be able to view the devices page in MyAutogrow, and won't be able to remotely access it.  

This is done on the page of the device you wish to control access to:

Clicking the yellow Staff Access button will show up a window with enable and disable buttons next to each user.  If the user is a manager their access cannot be changed because they can access everything.

The users in green do have access to the device, and the ones in red do not.  By clicking the Enable button, Joe Bloggs will be given remote access to the device.

Similarly, clicking Disable will revoke this access:

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