For each Remote EpM sensor within a group that is to be used for nutrient measurement it is recommended to calibrate the probes once a month.

  • Clean & rinse the nutrient probe face
  • Place the probe into the calibration solution
  • Navigate to the settings Irrigation -> Sensors page and click on the expand button for the sensor you are wishing to calibrate
  • Set the buffer value to match the buffer solution being used. Make sure to save and activate this if it has been changed
  • Press the calibrate button, make sure the probe has been in the buffer solution for an adequate amount of time to allow the nutrient and the temperature to stabilize (Recommended 5 Minutes).
  • Press the OK button on the pop up box to return to the previous page. The pop up window will vary based on if the calibration is begin done one the controller or remotely from another computer
  • The calibration must be activated before it is applied to the system
  • After a successful calibration the Calib message and time will be updated.

Calibration Errors

  • No Probe:

No Probe - If a calibration is to be done a valid reading from the sensor must be present on the system. If the following error message appears the is either no communication from the sensor or the probe maybe disconnected. Please insure that the power to the device is on and the probes are correctly connected. Also check the address switch and configured address for the desired sensor.

  • Out of Range:

Out of Buffer Range - If the currently enter buffer reading and the actual raw reading from the sensor differ by too much it is not possible to calibrate the sensors. An error like this usually indicated that either the probe is faulty or the buffer value has been incorrectly set. The error message displayed will specify where the Raw reading is too high or low. If this error occurs check the entered value for the buffer, also reclean the probes and place back in the solution for at least 5 minutes to allow the reading to stabilize.

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