What requirements are there to setup IntelliGrow?

IntelliGrow is a web-based application that works on all modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. You'll need to use Windows 7/8/10, Linux or MacOS operating systems on your computer.

 IntelliGrow is largely based on your cookies (not the edible kind) so please don’t use "Incognito" mode to login to IntelliGrow.

What do I do if I forget my password or need to change it?

If you've forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Password option on the IntelliGrow login page.

If you want to change the password, login into your IntelliGrow account and head to the profile page (top right) > Account Settings > Change Password.

Please note, after you forget/change your password, you'll have to reinstall the IntelliGrow installer and use your new credentials.


What do I do if I forget my username?

You'll need to get in touch with us so email help@autogrow.com or click on the toggle to the right and send a message directly to us.


Do you have an app that I can use on my phone?

Intelligrow is web-optimised so works on any web-enabled device - computer, tablet or mobile. Use your mobile browser web browser to login with Intelligrow and bookmark that page so that you can find IntelliGrow easily, on the move.

We'll be launching iOS and Android apps to make sure we provide the best mobile experience, in the format that you want to enjoy IntelliGrow.


How can I enable notifications?

When you're logged into IntelliGrow, click the 'bell' icon in the top-right corner and enable notifications. Notifications will then be sent to your registered email or mobile. SMS notification charges are built into your IntelliGrow pricing.


How can I enable Scheduling?

Go to Dashboard > Function, and tick the auto scheduling option.

After saving, you will see the scheduling icon showing up by your device name. You can set up your schedule there.

If I sold my device to someone else, how can they access IntelliGrow Online?

They will need to create their own IntelliGrow Online account.

There is a step of ownership transfer to do before he can start using the device.
Please contact us and we will be able to assist you with that

What languages can you view the IntelliGrow interface in? 

We currently allow you to change the IntelliGrow interface between English, Spanish and Mandarin. 

To enable Spanish, sign into IntelliGrow (https://intelligrow.autogrow.com/) > click on your profile (top right) > Language > check the box for the language option you'd like to enable.

For Intelli Classic users only

Once I have installed IntelliGrow, can I use IntelliGrow Classic?

No, you have to close Intelli Classic when installing IntelliGrow.


Can IntelliGrow Classic and IntelliGrow run at the same time? 

No, IntelliGrow Classic and IntelliGrow Online can not run simultaneously. If you attempt this, your devices will appear offline in IntelliGrow.


How do I migrate settings and schedules from IntelliGrow Classic to IntelliGrow?

Easy. You can view the migration guide here. If you have any problems, send us a message directly by clicking on the toggle (bottom right) or email us - help@autogrow.com.

Happy Growing 🌱


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