You can enable controller alarms to operate via Intelligrow. When readings deviate outside of the set limits, the alarm will sound.

Simply, choose the reading you want to monitor and enable relevant alarms. 

For example, if you want the controller to alarm when it's out of the 55- 100 Fahrenheit range, you can simply set the min and max range and enable the alarm.

Set Alarm Delay

We also recommend that you set the alarm delay for 1 min to avoid false alarms. You can do this in the Alarms section just below the gauges.

Enable email/SMS notifications

If you wish to receive email or SMS notification when the alarm is tripped, you can enable the notification function in IntelliGrow. An email/SMS will be sent to your registered email address or given mobile number if the alarm goes off. SMS notification charges are bundled in with your IntelliGrow subscription. 

You can now invite up to 3 of your staff into your IntelliGrow account so that they also receive email alarms/notifications for key information relating to growing site changes. 

To add additional users, sign into IntelliGrow ( > click on your profile (top right) > Account Settings > 'Add' > Enter staff email address:

Last but not least, always remember to save your changes!

Happy Growing 🌱

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